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how to stay positive when bad things keep happening

That’s hard to realize when our pain is all we can see and feel. The most powerful time to be positive is precisely when everything around you is not so positive. The problem that I--and most others--have, however, isn't whether or not we stay happy when life gives us good things. The more relaxed you are, the better your chances are of making a negative situation a positive one and focus on the positive things. Sometimes, when things go wrong, it can seem almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude. Every day, write down all the things you are grateful for having happened to you today. Don’t be a victim, and get creative. However, one thing that I keep constant is upholding a positive attitude in whatever I am doing, whether that is professionally or in my outside life. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and playing the “woe is me” card certainly might make you feel better temporarily, but it’s freaking useless in the long run. If you’ve ever wondered: How to stay positive at work; How to stay positive when sick; How to stay positive during lockdown; or how to stay positive working from home, these tips will help. I’ve read answers to questions like this and it always frustrates me when people seem to blame the person asking the question, as though they somehow bring misfortune upon themselves. (via Unsplash) Be a Good Listener, But Not an Absorber. ... You might be getting chewed out by your boss, but what in this exact moment is happening that’s so bad… When bad things happen to you, you have the right to feel angry, hurt, sad, and scared. We've all heard it before: "Stay positive, look on the bright side — don't let things get you down." I get it. Don’t Dwell On It. All I did was change one thing and I stopped a lot of bad things from happening in my life. Be descriptive of each item. Take 30 seconds and fill out the “bad” side; Take 30 seconds to fill out the “good” side; If you’re in a “why do bad things happen to me” place in your life, chances are the “bad” side flowed easily. Keep reading for how to stay positive when bad things are happening to everyone around you. When faced with bad news, it's easy to waste a lot of time thinking things like this can't be happening, or this shouldn't be happening to me. Related: 5 Ways to Stay Positive When You’re Having a Bad Day. And to some degree, it’s still a mystery. 4. The question as it is posed; I know I’m not the best person in the world, but why do bad things keep happening in my life?It seem like I just get over one crisis and another one occurs. 5. One of the best things you can do is simply chill out and relax. Being positive is a strategy, not a response. Karma refers to physical action and reaction. We are our past. Before I keep going, I just want to say this: bad things happen to good people and that is a fact of life. I could choose to stay … If you want to stay positive, make sure you keep your dreams in your mind all the time. Either way, the choices you make now determine your future. Bonus: Download a free step-by-step checklist that will show you how to stay positive (including 3 bonus steps that are not in this post). A positive attitude is quite powerful as well, but for some reason positivity needs more consistent effort to spread than negative energy does. These uplifting quotes will remind you to look for the sunshine in any situation. But, when things aren’t happening as quickly as we would like them to, we start getting all bent out of shape. Happiness in the long run is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.

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