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convert dresser to vanity vessel sink

We created an inexpensive, one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity by converting an old sideboard found at a resale shop. Put the vanity in place and hook up the faucet (or call a plumber). Beautiful sink fixtures paired with candle sconces and a white marble tile floor add an elegant air, and a matching pair of tabletop topiaries add a splash of lively color. Learn how to transform a dresser or a sideboard into a bathroom vanity. Make sure silicone is applied around entire sink perimeter without gaps. I’m not complaining; it’s a look I love, and I’ve noticed that my clients are increasingly asking for it, too. I tried crackling it but did not get the desired effect so I stenciled a leaf pattern on and then sanded some of the paint away to get a shabby chic look. Usually a minimum width of 18 inches is needed to fit a standard bathroom sink, but you're better off with a dresser that is 20 to 22 inches deep. Steps: 1. Though many of you thought we had to have two sinks in the master bathroom. This will provide a watertight seal around sink. Convert a saved solid wood three drawer chest of drawers into a unique bathroom vanity with a vessel sink. Day 2: Complete the vanity (Steps 9–17). After the plumbing was reattached, it was time to figure out what would become of the drawers. That dresser stashed in the garage can have a new life as a retrofitted bathroom vanity with the addition of a sink and a mirror. Thinking outside the square can turn up a one-of-a-kind vanity with character and function to boot. For this sink/faucet combo we wanted it right in the center of the dresser. I had to keep costs down, so I bought a dresser at an auction to use as my vanity. Find your vintage dresser and use this photo tutorial to make a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity – including ideas for adapting drawers so they are still useable. Mar 4, 2020 – Explore Kristie Crespo's board “Dresser to Vanity”, followed by 1295 people on Pinterest. Inadequate Sink, Cabinets, and/or Mirror: If you’re looking to replace any combination of your current sink, vanity, or mirror, the dresser-mirror combo unit naturally converts into a vanity. An old vanity can look new again with just a few easy changes. Wiggle each tile around to ensure it ise in the exact location you want. Turning an old dresser into a vanity for your bathroom is a doable DIY project that saves money and creates a unique design statement. The most common dresser sink vanity material is ceramic. Add the height of the vessel sink and it would have been way too tall to comfortably use. Got an old, ugly piece of furniture lying around the house? Steps to Make a Dresser into a Vanity. For the lower drawer, cut the back off of it and move it forward to shorten the width of the drawer. If you’re planning on installing a drop-in sink, you’ll need to cut a larger hole toward the back of the top drawer to allow proper clearance for your sink, but this step won’t be necessary for vessel sinks. See more ideas about Diy bathroom, Bathroom decor, Bathrooms remodel. A drop-in sink, a mirror in a similar tone, and some fancy light fixtures finishes the look. On this dresser, the upper drawer must be removed to allow room for the drop-in sink. How to Convert a Dresser Into a Sink Base. Cover the cork in colorful fabric to customize the look. But for the vanity I use, which is much larger, we actually put the sink off to the right side of the dresser so I would have a little hair & makeup working area. Required fields are marked *. A Murano vessel sink and long-neck faucet add height to the vanity… Watch this video for steps on installing a vessel sink: how to remove your old vanity and sink, install the new one, connect the plumbing and enjoy! Get video instructions about kitchens, bathrooms, remodeling, flooring, painting and more. Now serving as a bathroom vanity, this sewing table holds an antique machine as a decorative touch. It's perfect for pantry doors, entry ways, offices and dorm rooms. Mounting rings often come with the sink, or can be purchased in a variety of finishes to match the faucet and drain. Once you feel good about the placement of the sink and faucet holes, drill pilot holes through the template on the dresser. They're basically no different than a typical vanity cabinet in construction with two jambs and a … Remove sink from dresser and run a bead of silicone just to the inside of chalk outline. All rights reserved. Here's how to convert a favorite furnishing into a stand for the bathroom sink: What you'll need: A dresser, buffet, or sideboard (Look for a model that's close to the height of a store-bought vanity, typically 34 inches with the countertop.) Determine the placement of the sink. If you are leaving the top of the wood dresser as is, apply marine-grade varnish to the wood top to give it a protective seal. Paint or stain the dresser. When all of the tile pieces are in the right location, label each tile to make it easier. Measure and mark where the faucet hole will be. Use them to create amazing upcycled kitchen lighting. If you don't have capability of making the hole in the tile for the faucets (a tile core bit), cut half-moon shapes instead. Decide where you want to place your sink on your repurposed dresser or buffet. Use a piece of chalk to trace outline of sink. As you can see, we had to remove the first couple of drawers to make room for the new sink. Learn how to create a new coffee table using an old door. Use a drill with a hole-bit attachment to start the circle for the sink then finish cutting it with a jigsaw. For this custom vanity, we removed the inside frame of the dresser to account for plumbing and reattached false drawer fronts. Pick a Spot for the Sink. Originally, I wanted to convert a 52-inch retro dresser — which I scored on craigslist for $25 — into my master bath vanity. Trace the outline of the sink onto the top of the vanity. For sinks with rounded bottoms, a mounting ring elevates the sink and helps with the stability and the seal around the drain. Don't overlook old or damaged pieces. It can also be overwhelming--especially when trying to factor in the size and style of the bathroom. There are 85 dresser sink vanity for sale on Etsy, and they cost $1,203.37 on average. See more ideas about diy bathroom, bathroom decor, bathroom makeover. H turning a dresser into antique dresser turned into a bathroom vanity from an antique dresser best bathroom vanities 2019 rustic old dresser turned vanity.Repurposed Antique Dresser Turned Into A Bathroom Sink VanityConverting Antique Dresser To Bathroom Vanity The Handyman277 Best Dresser To Bathroom Vanity Images In 2020 BathroomsBest Bathroom Vanities 2019 RusticAntique Furniture Turned. You can use a router to cut holes in both the top and bottom of the dresser to add a drop in sink or a vessel sink … You can use a router to cut holes in both the top and bottom of the dresser to add a drop in sink or a vessel sink and plumbing. The most popular color? I purchased the vanity as a dresser from Habitat from Humanity Restore for $45. Press down and wiggle slightly to distribute silicone. Scour secondhand stores and estate sales to find an old dresser or sideboard that will fit your bathroom. Regardless of what I end up doing, I still did the research. If you’re installing a single vessel sink, choose a dresser with only one drawer in the front. Instead of throwing out your old furniture, convert it into a DIY bathroom vanity Step 4: Install the Sink and Faucets . Bonus. You've streamlined the dining room, and the old sideboard has lost its lease. We bought. Gently drop sink in place. It will depend if you want the sink to "sit" on top of be inset on the top. Dressers are super versatile, you can transform them into a host of things. Step three – Cut a hole for the sink. The. Add a colorful zigzag pattern to bring it back to life. Antique Dresser BATH VANITY CABINET We Custom Convert from Furniture For Your Victorian Farmhouse Renovation 14" to 48" Wide RedBarnEstates. She explained her master bathroom was getting a makeover while she was out of the country, and needed me to find, refinish, and convert a dresser to fit two vessel sinks, with cut-outs for plumbing. Oct 11, 2013 – Explore Carol Schultze's board "Dresser converted to vanity" on Pinterest. First, measure between the front and back of the dresser frame just above the wooden guide, as shown. ©Joanne Palmisano. Floating vanity, vessel sink vanity, cabinet vanity--choosing a bathroom vanity can be a thrilling affair. Step 2 Original-Vanity … {Post contains affiliate links. Make sure there aren't any gaps in the tile for the water to leak through. If you are laying tile down on the vanity top like we did, use a wet saw to cut the pieces. We tiled the top of our dresser, but you can always leave the wood top as is. Dresser to Vanity Overview Illustration by Gregory Nemec. To save even more money, we used a secondhand sink and reclaimed marble tile to cover the vanity top. To update the dresser drawers with optional heavy-duty slides, install blocking flush between the leg framing. If you’re about to start a bathroom remodeling project, there are … Purchase the sink first, fit to the dresser top measurements. It’s your choice! We wanted a larger sink, but the problem was that any decent sized sink was too deep for the counter (as in it hung over the dresser in the front.) The top drawers will either be non functioning or you can convert to flip downs (think about a kitchen sink) due to drop down if you inset the sink. {Oh, I totally scored this dresser on Facebook Marketplace for $20!} Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. Center all the pieces from the center line of the dresser. It had some fantastic bones, but there was layer upon layer of paint. One at a time, starting from the center, working outward, apply clear adhesive on the back of the tile and on the wood top (in a zigzag pattern) and place the tile on the wood. They're basically no different than a typical vanity cabinet in construction with two jambs and a hardwood face. The bathroom sink can be recessed into a cutout in the dresser top and fitted with a drop-in sink in the same fashion as is usually done with standard vanity cabinets, or you can use a vessel sink — a more decorative fixture that rests on the dresser top. Project Timeline: Day 1: Modify the drawers (Steps 1–8). Aug 2, 2019 – Explore fantasynwishes's board “Dresser Sink”, followed by 315 people on Pinterest. I need to start by giving all the credit for this DIY dresser vanity to Mr. Little by Little Home. This black dresser bathroom vanity is a gorgeous DIY cabinet project anyone can do! I had gone into our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found what started out as an over painted white dresser. Step aside, pedestal sinks. Center the sink, if there is a backsplash, push the sink back against it. Cut out the center of top drawer in order to be able to fit the sink's plumbing. You love to DIY. Using a straightedge, mark the center of the vanity by drawing diagonal lines connecting the corners. 4. Carter Oosterhouse shows how to add style to an old bathroom vanity. Repurposing older furniture as a bathroom vanity is nothing new, but lately I’ve been seeing it crop up everywhere. A vessel sink that sits on top of the counter doesn’t take up any space inside the vanity. Learn how to make a pair of accent tables using rough-cut lumber and old metal chair legs. Remove the top, the doors, drawers and hardware, sand all the wood carefully. For a complete update, replace the sink, countertop and faucet the same time as the vanity cabinet. ... My bathroom vanity is from the 60’s and I really want to do something similar as this with a vessel sink – just love the look of vessel sinks. Make sure to leave enough room for the lip of the sink to sit on the top of the dresser. Place the sink into the cut-out to make sure it fits (it is easier to cut more off than it is to fix a hole that is too big).

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