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Dr.Baba’s trip to Hanoi & Cambodia

January 2, 2018 – March 14, 2018 all-day Asia/Ho Chi Minh Timezone

Jan. 2nd(Tue) Baba arrive at Hanoi from Japan.

  VN357  10:30-13:30

Jan. 5th(Fri) Baba arrive at Shem Reap from Hanoi.

Hanoi-Siem Reap
  VN839  17:05-18:50
Jan. 6th(Sat) Baba arrive at Battambang from Shem Reap.
11th Jan. Siem Reap-Ho Chi Minh
  VN812 18:30-19:45
23rd Jan. HCM – SR
VN813 16:20-17:30
14th Mar. Ho Chi Minh-Fukuoka
  VN350 00:30-07:20
Jan. 23rd(Tue)-25th(Thu) Starch World Asia: Not sure who join.
Mar. 14th(Wed) Baba arrive at Japan from Battambang.